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Parents Feedback 

"Fantastic and so professional! Can't wait to hear about future things this school will be offering. Such an opportunity for young children around the local area. Well done to all involved".

"It was fantastic and drew on each child's strengths enabling them to develop skills and grow in self confidence during the week, culminating in an extremely professional performance on the Friday. Thank you so much".

My daughter had the most fantastic week with you all. She loves the stage and this week we have really seen her confidence grow. She's made some new friends and strengthened bonds with existing ones. Everyone is so welcoming, friendly and professional. Its clear to see how the children have been nurtured and encouraged from their performances at the end of the week. We would absolutely recommend Somerstage to anyone".

"My 7 year old daughter spent a week in August and Monday this week at Somerstage for the 'Wicked' workshop, and loved every minute of both of them. Lisa and Tim are just fantastic, so talented as well as being absolutely brilliant with the children. We are very lucky to have you here at The McMillan Theatre!!"

"My daughter took part in the "Greatest Show" course this week and has absolutely loved it. She has been incredibly excited every morning to get up and go to The McMillan Theatre and has been singing herself to sleep every night. It has been a joy to see her grow in confidence, make new friends and learn new skills as the week has progressed and the final show brought tears to my eyes".

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