Do you own a company or business? 


Are you looking for a new and exciting way to create a supportive, confident and energetic team. Theatrical skills can be used to enhance all areas of a business environment. Improve confidence, reduce inhibition and develop true company spirit by taking part in our specialist theatrical team building workshops at The McMillan Theatre, Bridgwater: 


Sing - Singing in a group requires a team to listen, focus, encourage and be confident. Rhythm and harmony requires people to work together. Singing techniques can also be applied to other speech based activities such as public speaking and presentation. Learn to project and command the attention of people who interact with your business.

Act - Acting is one of the best tools to allow us to present a version of ourselves that is more confident. On stage we have to support each other with script, action and emotion. Without one of these elements it can all fall apart. The only way is to work as a team. Use the acting workshop to stand on a large stage, lose inhibitions, grow confidence and learn to use text with your colleagues.

Dance - Dance requires stamina, self evaluation and a physical presence. A dance company looks wonderful when all participants are in sync and working together.  We can learn choreography that allows all members of your business to move as one tight unit. Dancing with a partner encourages teams to really engage with others they work with.

Team building workshops are led by Musical Theatre professionals Lisa Lynch (Jersey Boys International Tour, Jackie The Musical) and Tim Bonser (Mamma Mia, Spamalot, South Pacific and Sir Cliff Richards backing singer).

The McMillan Theatre in Bridgwater has excellent refreshment, bar and conference facilities as well as a fully functional 350 seat theatre and dance studio.

For more information please contact Anthony Bruton at The McMillan Theatre.

Tel: 01278556677