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Morning 11am - 2pm (FULL)

Afternoon 2.30pm - 5.30pm


Our main weekly school is for 7 - 18 year olds looking to progress in the three disciplines of musical theatre.

DANCE - Build a solid Jazz/Ballet foundation and learn how to perform like the professionals with choreography from your favourite shows

ACT - Have fun building confidence and stage presence by learning how to use a script, become a character and improvise. 

SING - Learn how to sing with fantastic technique, control and passion. Bring to life your favourite songs with the experts. Learn to sing in harmony and on your own.

COMBINE - Marry all the disciplines together with monthly workshops from West End professionals, performing numbers from popular shows.

£19.50 PER WEEK 

Paid a term in advance, term cost will vary due to length of term

To learn more and see how the classes will run see our FAQ page.

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