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A complete package of moving projections that can be used for every part of the Youth Edition of Spongebob. There is an included Qlab file that can run the whole show (one with added intermission and one without). The Qlab will need to be edited by yourselves to link up the target cue for each of the tracks that come with your show licenses. There are also a few hot key Sound effects at bottom of Qlab list. 


You will recieve a PDF & confirmation email both with a link to the dropbox containg the media to download. Any questions, issues or limited small revisions can be referred to FOR LICENSED SHOW USE ONLY - EXCLUSIVE TO YOUR THEATRE GROUP OR SCHOOL. NOT TO BE DISTRIBUTED.

Spongebob (Youth edition) Projections and Qlab file (23GB)

VAT Included
  • Large files (Around 20GB total)

    Video format is 1920 x 1080 (High Res)

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